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Education and Student Visa Services

(Australia/New Zealand/Canada)


Our student services mainly include the followings:



Career and Course Counselling: We counsel students keeping in view their ambition, academic & work background. We help them to choose a course which will suit their interest and background.


Pre-assessment: We do a pre-assessment of student’s qualification based on degrees, transcripts and English language level to match with the requirements of the education providers. The authenticity of documents is ensured at this stage.


Choosing the Course: We assist students in choosing the appropriate course/career pathway.


Choosing Education Provider: After selecting the course, next step is to choose the right country and the right course provider. We will help students in choosing the most suited University for their course. As we process applications for all the Universities, we can find the most suited University as per student’s requirement.


Financial Assistance: We provide students personal assistance in obtaining bank loans and other scholarships.




Admission: We assist students in the application process with education providers for issuing the “Letter of Offer”. On acceptance of Letter of Offer and payment of required fees, we arrange a “Confirmation of Enrolment” (COE) from the education providers.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Students may be granted credit on the basis of their previous studies. We assist them in getting their studies recognised for any credit.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC): As a condition of student’s visa, the Immigration department requires students to maintain OSHC for the duration of their visa. We assist students in obtaining such sort of health cover.




Medical Appointments: When students apply for a visa, there are specific requirements for arranging their health examination. We book appointment with Panel Clinics for their Health Examination.


Application Preparation: Once the CoE has been issued we prepare the student visa application meeting the current visa criteria and lodge it with the immigration department. We help and advice the students to select the appropriate visa category. We guide students about all the documents required for visa application. We also check that all the papers in their file are arranged and submitted according to the high commission/ embassy requirements.


Interview Preparation: We prepare clients for their interviews with Universities/Colleges/Embassy. We give specific attention to important facts of interviews and our experts conduct mock interviews.




  • We provide full assistance and information on:

  • Copy of letter of offer, COE and OSHC etc.

  • Student Visa conditions.

  • Airline booking and Currency Conversion

  • Customs and Quarantine matters including baggage rules.

  • Culture, climate and clothing requirements

  • Accommodation arrangements and Hassle-Free Transition



  • Airport pick-up and transfer to place of accommodation.

  • Guidance on course commencement and orientation session.

  • Explanation about visa obligation and conditions.

  • Assistance in Bank Account Opening, Telephone/Internet Services, Registration for TFN/ABN/GST, Job Search

  • Feedback from students about study and our services, and assisting with any other onshore issues.


Migration, Business Visa and Work Permit Services (Australia/Canada)


We help clients in choosing a visa class depending upon their profile. We assist for different categories of visas like General Skilled Migration, Business and Investor Visa, Work Permits, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), 457 Employer-Sponsored Migration, Partner and Parent visas. We provide assistance in preparation and lodging of visa application and provide ongoing assistance and support where required throughout its processing. We provide following services:


  • Detailed advice on clients visa options.

  • Working/Consulting with various process related departments on client’s behalf

  • Assist clients with any assessments or tests they must undergo prior to application

  • Preparation of visa application in a professional and accurate format

  • Reviewal of all documentation and relevant forms

  • Lodgement of visa application with the Immigration Department.

  • Following the processing of application with Immigration Department and inform clients of the status and progress of their application

  • Notifying clients of the outcome of your visa application.


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